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Test Code Test Description  
54620 Pea Green IgG
54622 Pea Green IgG4
42810S Peach (Prunus persica) IgE
42830 Peach IgA
42820 Peach IgG
42822 Peach IgG4
52010S Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) IgE
52023 Peanut Component Ara h 1
52024 Peanut Component Ara h 2
52025 Peanut Component Ara h 3
52026 Peanut Component Ara h 8
52027 Peanut Component Ara h 9
401482P Peanut Component Panel
52030 Peanut IgA
52020 Peanut IgG
52022 Peanut IgG4
56910S Pear (Pyrus communis) IgE
56930 Pear IgA
56920 Pear IgG
56922 Pear IgG4
52110S Pecan Food (Carya illinoensis) IgE
52130 Pecan Food IgA
52120 Pecan Food IgG
52122 Pecan Food IgG4
63230 Pecan Tree (Carya pecan) IgA