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Test Code Test Description  
82630 Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Droppings IgA
82610E Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Droppings IgE
82620 Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Droppings IgG
82622 Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Droppings IgG4
82510E Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Feathers IgE
82520 Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Feathers IgG (click here for test codes)
82522 Parrot Australian (Budgerigar) Feathers IgG4
82530 Parrot Australian (Budgerigar)Feathers IgA
182825 Parrot Droppings Gel Diffusion
182725 Parrot Serum Gel Diffusion
41510S Parsley (Petrosilenum crispum) IgE
41530 Parsley IgA
41520 Parsley IgG
41522 Parsley IgG4
1500 Parvovirus B19 Quantitative Real-time PCR (click here for test codes)
36910E Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis) IgE
36930 Passion Fruit IgA
36920 Passion Fruit IgG
41410S Pea Black-Eyed / Cow Pea (Vigna sinensis) IgE
30410E Pea Chick / Garbanzo Bean (Cicer arietinus) IgE
30430 Pea Chick/Garbanzo Bean IgA
30420 Pea Chick/Garbanzo Bean IgG
30422 Pea Chick/Garbanzo Bean IgG4
54610S Pea Green (Pisum sativum) IgE
54630 Pea Green IgA