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Use My Lab Manual to create your own customized Viracor-IBT Directory of Services. Select the tests you want to add to your Lab Manual and unselect those that you want to remove. Click on My Lab Manual to save or print your customized Viracor-IBT Directory of Services. View My Lab Manual or Click here to learn more.

My Lab Manual 

Test Code Test Description  
23630 Amoxicillin IgA
23610E Amoxicillin IgE
23620 Amoxicillin IgG
23622 Amoxicillin IgG4
23530 Ampicillin IgA
23510E Ampicillin IgE
23520 Ampicillin IgG
23522 Ampicillin IgG4
53810E Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) IgE
53830 Anchovy IgA
53820 Anchovy IgG
53822 Anchovy IgG4
401715P Angioedema Panel
11110E Animal Mix 1 (Cat,Cow,Dog,Horse) IgE
11120 Animal Mix 1 (Cat,Cow,Dog,Horse) IgG
12420 Animal Mix 2 (Cat,Dog,Guinea Pig, Mouse,Rat) IgG
12410E Animal Mix 2 (Cat,Dog,Guinea Pig,Mouse,Rat) IgE
403904P Animal Panel IgE
184830 Anisakis IgA
184810E Anisakis IgE
184820 Anisakis IgG
184822 Anisakis IgG4
46910A Anise Seed (Pimpinella anisum) IgE
46930 Anise Seed IgA
46920 Anise Seed IgG