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Bakers Asthma Allergy Panel

Test Code: 402410P

Cpt Code:

86003 (x8)

Clinical Utility

Bakers' asthma and bakers' rhinitis are among the most common occupational respiratory diseases. It has been estimated that greater than 30% of bakers have flour allergy. Bakers asthma is caused by occupational exposure to the antigens from flour and/or grain dust in bakeries. There are multiple potential antigens in bakers' flour and in grain dust. In addition to the allergens from the grains themselves, contaminants of the flour or grain may be important. These would include: mold spores, fungal enzymes, insect and rodent parts, pesticides, pollens, mineral particles, bacteria and mites. Several enzymes, many derived from Aspergillus species, are used in the baking industry and these are thought to be important factors in the etiology of bakers' asthma. Bakers' asthma is usually linked to the presence of specific IgE, which can be detected by skin test or in vitro methods. There does not appear to be any one antigen that initiates asthma in all patients. Thus, it is usually necessary to test with a group of potential allergens.


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Turnaround Time

1-2 business days from receipt of specimen

Specimen Information

serum - NY approved. 2 mL serum, ambient, frozen or refrigerated, no special shipping requirements.


Specimens are approved for testing in New York only when indicated in the Specimen Information field above.

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